Friday, June 25, 2010

Jalswarajya Project Maharashtra IEC, Capacity building

 IEC in Jalswarajya- A guiding light to water supply & sanitation Sector 

Jalswarajya is a demand driven project of rural water supply being carried out in 26 districts by Government of Maharashtra. It has insured daily minimum 40 liter per capita pure potable water supply to 1.12 million rural households. Project has also remarkable success in Installation of sanitary facilities, women empowerment, tribal development and capacity Building of Village panchayat (VP). 3022 VPs in Maharashtra are under project implementation. Project cost of 13955 million Rs. is majorly financed by World Bank.
Sector reform policy of July, 2000 shift government’s perspective to demand driven approach, which expect the community to be responsible for ownership and operating & maintenance of water supply facilities created. Thus community contribution was desired in form of 10% of capital cost and 100% operating maintenance cost bear by villagers. Need of sustainability was complemented bzy substantial IEC intervention. Now Government rejoices success of Jalswarjya project, recognized by World Bank’s ‘People first’ award.

Download Concept peper in PDF

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